Can I Sell My Foreclosure Home in El Paso?

sepia toned image of a model sized example of foreclosure homes with a foreclosure notice legal notification and a keyIt is not impossible to sell your foreclosure home in El Paso. What may feel like a hopeless situation can actually be redeemed. If you have defaulted on the loan and have no idea what to do we can provide a bit of advice and help. Until the property is sold at auction, you still have the ability to sell and pay the lender what you own. In most cases, you can even take care of back payments and penalties.

The Details of a Foreclosure Home in El Paso

The first thing that will happen in a foreclosure case is that the homeowner will receive a notice of default. This normally takes place after the fourth missed payment. The process can take anywhere from six months to a year. This just depends on the agreements that the lender has included in the contract.

How Do I Sell My Foreclosure Home in El Paso?

As mentioned before, it is possible to sell the home before it is sold at auction or even before the bank takes back possession. This period of time is called “pre-foreclosure.” It is important to realize that the bank will put tight time constraints on this process. This means that simply listing the home on the market and utilizing a real estate agent may take too long. First of all, no home buyer will likely buy your house in just any condition. You will have to take care of repairs, updating paint and even staging the home to look its best. Aside from the time it will take, if you have missed four mortgage payments, chances are you won’t have the benefit of affording these things. Contacting an investor that will buy your home as-is will be a much better option.

How Long Does a Quick Sale Really Take?

In most cases from the moment you contact an investor, the quick sale can take one to two weeks to complete. You can get the home off your house and cash in hand within a matter of weeks. It is important to remain transparent with your investor and explain the full details of the foreclosure case. This can help you to get the most out of the sale. From here you have the opportunity to pay off your debts and start from scratch.

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