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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! We pay CASH and you will not pay any commissions, agents, or fees. Put your address and email below and answer 5 easy questions on the next page to get a cash offer in 24 hours! is a jack of all trades when it comes to buying and selling homes. Our primary goal is to help our clients, whether they need to save or sell their home, we aim to be a one stop shop for this kind of situation. We can help you sell your home fast or can buy it from you if need be. However, if the home can be saved, we’ll help you save it. We’re well-versed in both the banks’ and the attorneys’ languages, so if there’s something you don’t understand, we can help translate it. We offer free as-is home evaluations for people who have inherited their house from a probated will. We buy and sell houses, land, and multi-unit complexes.

We assist anyone who needs to sell their home fast in El Paso. Many of the people we’ve helped before have needed to sell their home because of foreclosure, divorce, bankruptcy, because they need to relocate, and because they inherited unwanted property from a probated will. We understand that selling your home can be difficult, especially with family and other obligations, which is why we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We’re flexible and will work with you, your schedule, and your needs. We know that losing your house can be stressful, so we’re flexible when we take it off your hands. If you need more time to move or you need it out of your hands right away, we can work with you. We can even help you work out a rental arrangement, so when it comes time to move out of your house, you have a decent place to stay. The bottom line is we are on your side and will work with you to make this process go smoothly.

You can think of us as the convenience store of the real estate business. When you need milk, it’s common knowledge that it’ll be cheaper at a supermarket and more expensive at a convenience store, and that’s because at a convenience store, you pay for, well, convenience–the convenience of not having to wait in a long line or deal with a crowd or finding a decent parking space. The same goes for us. You can sell your home the normal way and save money, but wait six to nine months, or sell it with us and see a faster turnover rate. As an alternative to listing, we’ll help you save time and money in the long run by helping you sell your home or by buying it from you. We can get you from point A to point B of the home selling process swiftly and efficiently.

Nothing is more important than having a good place for you and your family to live, so when something like a foreclosure or bankruptcy happens, we’ll help you make this difficult transition as swift as possible. Whether you need help selling your home or saving it, we’re the company to call!

Sell Your Home Fast in El Paso

If you have found yourself in a position of having to sell your home fast, Money4Casa can help. We specialize in buying or liquidating properties in any condition fast. We will conduct ourselves professionally and discreetly. We want to earn your business, but more importantly, we want to earn the right to keep it.

Who We Are

Money4Casa is a team of professionals that are highly trained and skilled in the business of buying and selling all types of property regardless of the situation you may be in. Our team has been solving even the most complex of real estate issues for more than three decades. Being vested with three decades of experience has uniquely positioned us to handle all types of situations, such as foreclosure, probate, divorce, bankruptcy, and relocation, just to name a few. Rest assured, we will do all we can to merit the trust you have placed in us.

Selling Homes Fast: It’s What We Do

Money4Casa is a team of highly skilled professionals with vast experience in solving all types of issues regarding the selling of your property. We buy homes and property in as little as 10 days. We pay cash and all of the closing costs. The types of properties we look for are homes, duplexes, fourplexes, apartment complexes, shopping centers, office buildings, and land. If you have a property, chances are we will be interested no matter its condition.

Who We Help

Our customers come from all walks of life. We have helped attorneys, city councilmen, nurses, doctors, police officers, business owners, professionals of all types, and blue collar workers. We may have even helped your next door neighbor or someone you work with. Our clients chose to do business with us instead of using traditional channels, which take months, if not years. The one thing that all of our clients had in common was the need to sell fast. Whatever curveball life has thrown you, we can help. Allow us to be your compass to guide you through the cumbersome and difficult real estate issue you face.

What We Can Do For You

Think of us as the corner store of the real estate business. When you need a gallon of milk, yes, it’s cheaper at a supermarket and more expensive at a convenience store, and that’s because at the corner store, you pay for, well, convenience...the convenience of not having to drive further, then fight the crowd for a parking spot, walk all the way to the dairy department, wait in line to pay, then make the trip back home. Or you could just pay a dollar more for the same milk and be back in only five minutes. The same goes for us. Or can sell your home the traditional way for more and wait the months, if not years, to sell it or sell it with us much faster. We can get you from Point A to Point B much quicker without all the hassles.

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It’s quick and easy. Just contact Money4Casa to set up a no-obligation visit. There is no cost to you and we’ll make you a fair cash offer for your property.

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  • They actually showed me I was losing more money by fixing my house up myself and continuing to pay my mortgage for another 6 months to a year, rather than just having Money4Casa sell it for me. I ended up making more money from Money4Casa and I didn’t have to wait.

    Herman S.
  • The gentleman who helped me was very kind. I’d like to thank him for going the extra mile!

    Gloria G.
  • I thought I was going to lose everything but Money4Casa took care of all that needed to be done. They were able to sell my house quickly. Now, my credit is saved. They even helped to put money in my pocket so I could start over. I’m very grateful for Money4Casa’s help.

    Juan P.
  • These people know what they’re doing and they got my money fast!

    David P.